Abortus nedir?

Abortus nedir? 20 haftadan önce veya fetus 500 gramdan az ağırlıktayken gebeliğin sonlanmasına abortus yani “Düşük” denir.Tüm gebeliklerin %60’ı, klinik olarak tanımlanan gebeliklerin %12-15’i düşükle sonlanır. Düşükler; kendiliğinden düşük, tekrarlayan düşük, zorlanan düşük ve septik düşük olarak sınıflandırılabilir.

Abortus nedir? Abortus; felemenkçe bir kelime olup, halk arasında bilinen ismi ile düşük veya çocuk düşürme anlamına gelir.

Klinik tablo düşük tehdidi, kaçınılmaz düşük, tam olmayan düşük, tam düşük ve kalık düşük şeklinde kendini gösterebilir.

For English

What is Abortus? Child drop, low.

In the first 20 weeks of pregnancy, the phenomenon of expelling less or less than 500 grams of embryos or fetuses and all or part of their attachments out of the uterine cavity is called abortion (1977 World Health Organization definition).

Approximately 15% of clinically defined pregnancies result in miscarriage, these are miscarriages that occur after the diagnosis of pregnancy. A significant part of the abortions occur at a very early stage before pregnancy is realized, these are also called chemical pregnancy (silent abortion), since they are only at an early stage that can be noticed by the biochemical method.

Threat of miscarriage (Abortus Imminence):

Vaginal bleeding in pregnancies below 20 weeks. Approximately 30-40% of expectant mothers are threatened with miscarriage during their pregnancy. In this case, bleeding is usually not severe. The cervix is ​​closed.
Expectant mothers who have a low threat are recommended to restrict their physical activities, rest at bed, and prohibit sexual intercourse. In addition, drugs containing Progesterone hormone can be used in cases where luteal phase failure is considered as a cause of miscarriage. The effectiveness of treatment methods is controversial.
Despite all the measures, the threat of miscarriage can end with miscarriage. 50% of all low threats result in miscarriage. One reason for this event is that a significant part of miscarriages are caused by genetic anomalies. Failure to continue an unhealthy pregnancy can be considered as the functioning of the natural selection mechanism.

Inevitable – Unstoppable Abortion (Abortus incipiens): In this case, bleeding is usually severe and the cervix is ​​open. There may be crampy abdominal and groin pain. Treatment is abortion.

Incomplete Abortion (Incomplete Abortus):

Loss of some of the pregnancy tissues. Before the 6th week of pregnancy, the embryo and placenta are usually excreted together. In the abortions experienced in the subsequent weeks of pregnancy, some parts of the embryo, membranes or parts of the placental tissue may remain inside. Parts that remain in the uterus should be cleaned with abortion.

Complete Low (Complete Abortus): All tissues belonging to pregnancy have been discarded. However, in practice, an abortion can be applied to ensure that the inside of the uterus is completely clean.

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